Why use the ARTS?

Through the use of painting, drawing and clay - we will encourage children to discover and explore their own inner world of imagery.  Art is a powerful medium that can change the way you feel about yourself and the world around you.  It is a unique way of expressing feelings through designs, symbols and metaphors to represent images of self and others.  Not only does this help to free emotions but also helps children and young people enter their creative imagination which is proven to help the learning process.

The therapeutic application of dance, movement and bodywork explores how the body can be used to communicate, express and release feelings.  It opens doors to look at the mind-body relationship and non-verbal communication.

Drama therapy offers a special kind of drama, where the process rather than the performance is the therapeutic vehicle.  Drama explores the links between the non-verbal and the verbal within the child's inner and outer worlds.  This aspect of the arts involves taking risks, exploring and rehearsing events from the real world as well.  It is through play therapy that children and young people are able to be fully creative and use the whole personality.  When a person plays they choose to what extent they would like to connect to the imagery they are creating.  Often the use of sand play is one of the best ways to really connect with a younger child's mind.

Puppets, music and poetry can also access a whole range of new emotions for a child or young person to explore.  SHINE Again recognises that working therapeutically through the arts will bring a dynamic and permanent change to the life of a child or young person, improving their relationship with themselves and others, in order that emotional trauma and pain experienced, can be significantly reduced.