SHINE Again provides a new dynamic therapy for children and young people which enables the voluntary sector to work in the field of education.  Working alongside local agencies in local schools SHINE Again aims to help children and young people who struggle with a number of issues to thrive.  We believe that through the use of art, play, music, dance, movement and many other fun activities, a whole range of emotions can be explored and experienced in a safe environment.  

SHINE Again aims to help children and young people who may struggle with low self-esteem or who may display challenging behaviour or could be selective mute or on the autistic spectrum as well as those who have lost a loved one or are dealing with a family break up or may be at risk of self harm, abuse, neglect or on the Child Protection register.  We aim to improve attendance at school through one to one therapy and using the arts, enable children and young people to express their feelings in a positive way and all other aspects of life can become easier.

We aim to find out the interests and hobbies of the child and base the sessions around what the child enjoys.  During the fun activities the SHINE Again Therapist encourages the child to explore emotional feelings, look at behaviour and coping mechanisms and help increase the child's self esteem and confidence.  We also provide therapy, support, advice and training to families, carers, teachers and nurses - working together to improve lives.

SHINE Again is a registered charity led by a trained Child Psychotherapist and works closely with students training to be Art Therapists, Play Therapists or Child Psychotherapists.  We have worked with Social Services in Surrey, Berkshire, Hillingdon and Wandsworth and have worked in over 15 primary and secondary schools.

We hope that you enjoy your visit to our website, and that you find any information you are looking for. Please feel free to contact SHINE Again direct with any queries you may have.


Dee Thwaites
Director of Therapeutic Services/Co-Founder of SHINE