I just wanted to write and thank you for all the work you have been doing with D this term which we really feel he is benefiting from.  He looks forward to seeing you every week and his self-esteem and ability to face challenges has without doubt risen as a result of his sessions so far.
D's Mum 

Thank you for letting me come and play
S aged 5 years

Thank you for everything you've done for me.  You've helped me through so much.  You've helped me through school life and home life.
C aged 10 years

Thank you so much for making me more and more confident with my learning and you have helped me so much
D aged 10 years

Thank you for all those wonderful sessions and games that you do with me on Fridays.  Since I started SHINE Again I love Fridays.  I call them fun Fridays!  I like that when we go to the group room you are never angry or upset.  You are always cheerful, happy, kind, loely and bubbly.  Thank you so much.
J aged 11 years

You (SHINE Again) have really moved the children on.  Their progression has been lovely to see!
Carol, Year 2 Teacher

You have been an enormous help through your time together and we have seen such a change in his confidence
D's Mum