Shine Again for Kids

We believe that every child has the right to shine and reach their full potential 

Sometimes, things can happen in kid's lives that make it harder to be the best they can be - we want to help change that!

SHINE Again works with kids using art, play, games, puppets, drama, dance and loads of other fun activities to help young people find new ways of expressing how they feel while enjoying themselves!  In all our sessions the kids are the bosses, they always get to choose what activities we do (as long as they are safe!)

When kids get to know their therapist, they often find it's great having an adult to chat to.  In therapy (what we call our weekly sessions) kids can chat about anything and everything, from things they enjoy, what they have been doing at the weekend to issues like someone's being a bit mean or upsetting them or if they are worrying about anything.

Kids get referred to SHINE Again for all different reasons.  Often it is because an adult at school thinks the child would really benefit from spending some time out of class, doing some art, play or games to help that child build confidence, increase their self-esteem, have an adult to chat to or maybe learn some new ways of controlling their behaviour.  This is all to help the child enjoy life more and enable them to find it easier to make friends.  The child then doesn't feel they have to keep their feelings inside.

If an adult has suggested you come to see a SHINE Again therapist, why don't you come along for 3 sessions and if you like it you can keep coming.  If you come along and decide it's not for you after meeting the therapist 3 times you can choose not to keep coming, as we said earlier - you are the boss!

Each session lasts around 50 minutes, lots of children ask if they can stay longer but the therapist does have to make sure they stick to the times.  They take place in a room in the school and they would be at the same time every week.  Everything the children speak about in the sessions is kept confidential that means the therapist doesn't go round talking to other people about what has been said.  The only time that this does have to happen is if a child tells their therapist that someone is being hurt or someone is breaking the law.